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Psychic Readings by phone with Salicrow

Salicrow’s Psychic Readings are now available by phone… Having a Reading by phone ...

Working with the Runes…healing, divination, voice & charging items

Working with the Runes is a 4 part series with Salicrow, Psychic ...

Past & Future Events: Entering the Betwixt & Between

The world of Spirit is not closed off to us, we are ...

Crow’s Emporium Holiday Open House

Come join Psychic Medium, Salicrow and the talented artisans of Crow's Emporium ...

What Our Clients Say

I would just like people to know about you, what you do, and what you can do for them because it is truly amazing.  My life has been forever changed by the beautiful messages you sent through to my mother and myself.  She, a non believer, left that night with a new-found hope, it seemed….Now instead of crying sad tears over her Mother, my grandmother’s passing, we shed happy tears and know that she is always with us.  You are the key to the passage to the Dead.  They DO have messages for us and what you do is just amazing.  A true believer I am, for I believe in what you do!  Incredible!


– Barbara, Lancaster, NH

I can not say enough how awesome the Séance was!  I did not know what to expect-you put everyone at ease right away.  The tears & laughter were what we all needed, I feel an inner peace & cannot thank you enough for bringing that to me.

– Charlotte, Bradford, VT

Sali has great Psychic abilities.  She did Readings at fairs held in my gift shop.  She was a favorite among our customers and often times there were lines of people waiting to get a Reading.

– Rita, Berlin, NH

I have attended many events and workshops with both Sali and her sister, Sandy. I have to say, the Betwixt and the Between was one of the most powerful I have experienced. If you are considering taking part in this event, I urge you to do it. The weekend consists of not only practical work, such as learning how to sense spirit and set up an alter, but it also consists of more magical work, like journeying, dancing with your ancestor, and getting messages from your ancestor as well. Even though I have done work communicating with spirits, setting up alters and so forth, I still found value in working with others who were doing it for the first time. It was wonderful to see them go through the experience, but it also helped me brush up a little on my own skills, and identify some of my own strengths and weaknesses. For me personally, the best part of the weekend was the ceremony where we received messages from our ancestors. To witness such moving and intense moments with others, and to get important information for myself, was indescribable. I can’t recommend this event enough. Join it. You won’t regret it!

– Tina Gilson, Newbury, VT

The Betwixt & Between workshop was a wonderful experience! Sali & Sandy Crow explained everything in a knowledgeable and patient manner. We were led through the process of communicating with our ancestors in a way that was easy to follow, and effective. At circle, my third eye opened and I was blown away. For the first time in my life I understood that when I “see” or “hear” it isn’t with my eyes or ears, it is with my emotions..or my intution. I “feel”. I can now look back through my life and understand why I felt “funny” in certain houses, or around certain people. I can also explain all of the unexplained stomach aches and “heeby jeeby” feelings. I used what I learned a couple of months later when my husband and I went on vacation in VA, and visited civil war battlefields. Had I not gone to this workshop, I would have spent my battlefield tours miserable and angry. Instead, I used what I learned in Betwixt & Between to really pay attention to what I was feeling, and had an incredible experience…and I can’t wait to go back! I owe all of this to Sali & Sandy Crow, and I urge anyone who has any interest to take this workshop. It will teach you so much and give you so many tools to use.

– Stacy Davis, Marshfield, VT